Barb Brown

04 Dec

Barb Brown

Barb Brown

In August of 2014 is when I had my “reality check”. I had an appointment with a new endocrinologist. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, aka…I was hypothyroid. We discussed my plan going forward with medication, and it was then what the doctor gave me next that tripped my brain. A pamphlet on Belviq! A weight lose prescription? The doctor told me to think about it and let her know for next time. I went out to my car and said “hell no!”

We were “of course” leaving for vacation that weekend so I thought this is it, last hoorah. We had an incredible vacation, we ate and drank till our hearts were content.

The Monday after we got back I joined Weight Watchers….again! This is something I have always struggled with, balance. I would do great and lose weight but it always found me again. After 4 months I had dropped 40 pounds and then the holidays hit. I still did good, didn’t gain anything but I felt myself going through that same cycle again. Losing the momentum and needing something “new”. I was going to the gym but mainly doing classes and cardio. I knew how lift weights, my husband has owned a gym for 25 years! But I was apprehensive. I actually started watching videos on you tube of female weight trainers and something clicked, I wanted to look like that! Healthy, defined not just skinny. Dana Lynn Bailey was a huge motivational person to me. I would watch her videos and would start trying them at the gym. Little by little I became more comfortable.

By January I stopped Weight Watchers telling myself I could hold myself accountable on my own. Well sort of, that is when I was online one day and saw Ab-Solute Fitness and the 12 week challenge. PERFECT! I felt like I needed the guidance and I had a lot of questions about training but also nutrition. I signed up and had a new excitement and motivation.

I met Jami once a week and continued my own workouts, for the first time in my life I loved going to the gym. I felt like it was the piece of the puzzle that was missing. I didn’t feel guilty for leaving my family because it was making me a happier person and I could feel it. My son even started going to the gym with me (Chase is 17). And other days I would go with my husband to his gym, not feeling embarrassed anymore. After the 12 weeks were up and the results were in, Jami called me to let me know I won the challenge. No one could understand what that meant for me after feeling that I had failed so many other times. For the first time in my life I feel like I have a balance, it’s been almost a year now since this all began and as of this morning I have lost 85 pounds. I still can’t believe it myself. My husband Glen has been so supportive and understanding I don’t think this would have been possible without him by my side. My son Chase is healthier now because of it, he works out and doesn’t want to eat junk food or soda anymore.

I want to thank Jami for motivating me and teaching me new routines in the gym and helping me with my nutrition. You have been a great trainer but most importantly become a good friend. Thank you for all your help. ~ Barb Brown


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