Barb Empson

10 Feb

Barb Empson

Barb Empson

Hi, my name is Barb Empson. I am 57 years old. I have been familiar with working out, taking classes, and using machines at the gym since I was 18 years old. I was always very health conscious and enjoyed going to the gym at an early age but, stopped going after my two children were born. I allowed myself to fall into bad habits and in turn jeopardized my health.

When my children were grown and on their own, I decided it was time to start taking care of myself again. The doctors diagnosed me with the start of liver disease and pre-osteoporosis. My daughter told me I needed to start strength training to make my bones stronger.

On May 9th, 2013 I was taking a fitness class at the YMCA and I fractured my pelvis and 3 vertebrae. I was in rough shape and it took me months to heel. I was afraid to go back to the gym, fearful I would hurt myself again, so that was when I reached out to Jami. I have been working out with her for 4 years now and can’t imagine ever NOT. She has helped me get my health back with my eating as well as strength training. I am no longer pre-osteoprosis and my liver looks great!

Fit Forward has become my family. I love how all the trainers push you when you would normally give up. They have helped me build confidence I never realized I had. I’ve learned so much about nutrition and what to fuel my body with so that it works for me, not against me.

It’s important to remember as we age our bones get brittle if we don’t keep the muscles around them strong. Age is just a number and it’s never too late. I don’t want to be taking medications anytime soon. I am so thankful to have found Fit Forward they have changed my life and I am forever thankful!

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