Barb Romito

04 Dec

Barb Romito

Barb Romito

“As a high school/college field hockey official, I need to be able to be “in the game.” I knew I wanted to be in better shape for the 2013 season, so I put my goal of losing 30 pounds and being fit in Jami’s capable hands.  She created a nutrition plan and workout schedule for me, and we worked together for three months.  I have lost an amazing 50 pounds (exceeding my goal) and 22 inches, plus I’m in awesome shape.  The first time in 5 years I have finished a season without a single injury!

I’m 52, and am back to the size I was when I met my husband 30 years ago (he’s happy, too)! I’m hooked on working out, especially in the mornings (getting up may be hard, but I’ve never regretted a workout yet).  My friends tell me I’m an inspiration, and I know I’ll never go back to my old lifestyle.  With Jami’s encouragement, knowledge and kindness this journey has been life changing, as I now know how to make healthy choices for me. 

If I can do this, anyone can. You just have to be focused and go for it!
~ Barb Romito


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