Strength & Power Challenge

Begins Monday, July 29th


What percentage over your body weight can you lift?



We listened and we are delivering!

You wanted it, here it is…

  • • Set goals
  • • Reach Goals
  • • Personal Records
  • • See your progress week after week

3x a week of training for 8 weeks!

Work in 2s or 1-on-1 Personal Training

$800 upfront or $125 a week for 8 weeks at 3x a week with another client (so 2 ppl training at same time) don’t worry we can set you up with someone if you don’t have a partner in mind.

$1200 upfront or $175 a week for 8 weeks 1-on-1 training 3x a week.

Please let us know if you plan to do payment arrangements rather than upfront.

  • • Squat
  • • Pull-up
  • • Dead lift
  • • Flat Bench Press
  • • And MORE!!!!!!