Nutrition Plans

Jami Shields 2015Ready to transform your body? Are you tired of trying all the fad diets? Do you need a plan that works for you, your life, your goals, and your needs? Whether you want to take it to the next level and compete or you simply want to look and feel great, I can create an individualized program for you. You have a few options. I can write you a specific meal by meal plan that is written in black and white, I can give you a few options for each meal, or I can create Your plan to be based on the macro system. The macro system is my preference because it simply also teaches you about your body and how to eat properly. I’ll provide you with the exact amounts of protein, carbs and fats for each meal, throughout the day. You’ll choose foods from a grocery list that I provide and plan your meals according to the breakdown you were provided. We’ll work together to keep you moving toward you ultimate goal, adjusting your plan as needed. My goal is to teach you how your body responds to different foods and what combinations of macros work for you.

How does it work? If you choose my Competition Prep plan, we’ll be in constant contact. You’ll email me daily to report and check in with your morning weight and provide important details of how you’re doing. You will send pictures when requested to track progress.

If you choose my Individualized Nutrition plan, you’ll check in weekly with your weight and pictures. I’ll provide the same commitment and attention to your success – you just won’t be required to check in daily. You can email or text me with questions, comments or concerns at anytime.

Both programs include unlimited emails, program adjustments, consistent monitoring, and education. You’ll also receive in your plan my suggestions for cardio types and times, plus a list of recommended supplements. It is up to you to utilize my suggestions with consistent communication and working together you will be very happy with your results and success.

Contest Preparation

This cost includes initial diet and updates as needed, cardio schedule, supplements, weekly assessments, and all the information and guidance needed to be ready to step on stage.

Contact us today to set up a FREE consultation to discuss your goals and a customized plan.

Individualized Nutrition Plans

Some people simply want the nutritional component of our services where they have an individualized nutrition program developed for them. You will check in weekly with your weight. Receive unlimited adjustments, consistent monitoring and, most importantly, education. In addition, you will receive my suggestions for your cardio types and times plus a list of recommended supplements.

Contact us today to set up a FREE consultation to discuss your goals and a customized plan.

Jami Shields 2015

Helping others reach their goals is my passion. If you’re ready to make a change, I’ll be there for you every step of the way. I look forward to motivating and supporting you on your journey! To get started, please contact me at (717) 860-9161 or